2 hour 6 minutes
Directed by=Bong Joon Ho
writer=Jacques Lob
7,3 of 10 stars

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“A shoe belongs on the foot, not on the head.” This quote from the movie prepares you for what is to come. When I read the story about a train with the last survivors of mankind in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world, this isn’t nearly what I expected to see. Or hear, for that matter.
Especially not after the good intro and the first minutes. The story goes as follows: The poor people of the train are treated bad by soldiers and their superiors. They tried to revolt a couple of times in the past, but always failed. This time they fight their way towards the front of the train while having to face crazy, axe-wielding guardians and slippery fishes on the floor. And just when you think it can’t get any sillier, a man announces that they are about to cross a bridge. So the remaining, wounded and bleeding guardians start a countdown and then happily shout “happy new year. br>
Violence, comedy and a basically good story are a weird combination. But it works surprisingly well. After about half the movie the pace changes though. The plot gets a lot more serious. No more fooling around. So for me “Snowpiercer” reaches the full potential by that point and finishes in an overwhelming, deep ending full of strong dialogues.
Excellent work. 10/10.

I’m not going to say masterpiece. they are very rare.(midnight cowboy, kes etc) but bloody good, funny and very watchable fit well.
Tilda Swinton, a fantastic performance, every line was great. she reminded me of Johnny Depp(Willy wonker)see what you think.
Kang-ho Song was also very good. the film is a little offbeat which is a good thing, not to be taken to seriously, never noticed the cgi was to busy enjoying this movie.
if you have a good story, great actors like the above what else matters would recommend this movie for those bored with the usual stuff.
looking for something like dredd 3d, sin city, Sucker Punch etc. then give this a try. BTW gave it a 8/10. thanks for reading.